Side Effects of Dianabol

The anabolic steroid Dianabol can have some adverse effects. Dianabol is a very effective bulking agent that can produce effects immediately during a cycle. This is why Dianabol is liked and used so much. Unfortunately, there are also several Dianabol side effects mainly due to its androgenic and estrogenic power. This is where you the user must take great responsibility and do as much research as possible and THEN DO SOME MORE!

About the most common side effect of Dianabol is the fact that it is a strong androgen. This means that it can cause acne, male pattern baldness, changes in temper and also insomnia in both males and females. Acne can easily be controlled by applying Accutane while the Dianabol side effect of hair loss can also be treated with hair growth stimulants such as Minoxidil. The temper flares and aggression are less likely to be controlled though and therefore, the drug should be taken with caution. A famous Dianabol side effect in females is its ability to cause significant virilization. Females normally dont have androgens in their bodies or at least not as much as men do. The introduction of androgens can trigger the development of male characteristics such as a deep voice and an increase in body hair.

Dianabol side effects can also lead to problems with reproduction due to menstrual abnormalities and clitoral hypertrophy. The use of Dianabol, therefore, is not advisable for women especially since virilization is a permanent Dianabol side effect even when you have stopped the use of this steroid. Dianabol also effectively suppresses normal testosterone production by exhibiting a negative feedback on the HPTA. The Dianabol side effect of lowered testosterone levels can lead to potential impotency and complete shut down of the endogenous testosterone production in males.


As mentioned, another Dianabol side effect is caused by its ability to interact with the aromatase enzyme and convert to the female hormone estrogen. Estrogen can increase fluid retention in the body and can also increase fat storage. The Dianabol side effect of fluid retention can cause muscles to look flabby and smooth, and it can also increase potential risks of developing cardiac overload diseases such as hypertension and palpitations. On the other hand, the intake of the steroid at high doses can cause a Dianabol side effect of atherosclerosis and increase in free body fat. This can be controlled with a good diet although that diet can be hard to maintain since Dianabol also increases your appetite indirectly.

A dangerous Dianabol side effect is its potential liver damage. Dianabol is a 17-alpha alkylated compound and this means that it can cause liver stress once it has been metabolized by the organ. Liver damage can occur when taking Dianabol at high doses and at prolonged periods of time. In order to prevent this Dianabol side effect, users often limit the use of this steroid to 4 weeks and this had proven to be enough for gains to take place.

While Dianabol can have several side effects, there are effective ways of addressing some of them when you know how to. Gynecomastia, for example, can be permanent but can be avoided by taking Arimidex or other aromatase inhibitors when you first notice symptoms of breast formation. It is best to know the different Dianabol side effects before hand in order to know how to prevent or address them when the time comes.

It is also good to have your chosen aromatase inhibitors on hand before you start a cycle, the last thing you need is feelings of gynocomastia and nothing to counteract it!


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