When it comes to creating muscle mass rather than any type of weight gain, Equipoise has become a popular steroid option. This is injected and is the brand name for the steroid Methandrostenolone. The steroid is anabolic, similar to testosterone, however it is slower working and does not have as many of the side effects. While the side effects are less, the outcome is also less; a person will not gain as much weight through the use of Equipoise as they will with testosterone.

Equipoise is very similar to Deca, another popular steroid, in the outcome but they two do work very differently. It was thought originally that the two worked just the same way, even by the creators of the two drugs, but this has recently been disproven.

However, this steroid does create genuine muscle mass and is very popular with female bodybuilders or athletes. The muscles are not fake and there is genuine strength behind their builds. Also, many of the common side effects of steroids are not seen with this one, which makes it popular among many women.

The buildup of muscle is usually slow but this is the best way to build it up most of the time. This means that the dose is usually higher or the cycle is taken for longer. This allows time for the quality muscle to grow while the person’s body is getting used to the new compound being introduced. It is one of the reasons for the fewer side effects. However, due to the extra length of needing to take the steroid, it will show up in the system a lot further into the future than many others.

A common side effect noticed with many steroids is water retention. This has not been noted that often with Equipoise. Another common problem is oily skin and acne, which prevents many females from choosing to use many steroids. Equipoise is a popular option because it doesn’t have these side effects, except in extremely high doses.

Equipoise has been known to raise the red blood cells, which is very typical of many steroids. However, this steroid raises them more than many others and is great for those who suffer with blood conditions, such as anemia.

Weight gain is common for almost all uses of Equipoise. There is an increase in appetite so much that it makes it almost impossible to be able to stick to a diet. However, by sticking to a healthy diet, the weight increase can be in quality muscle rather than in fat. Of course, the fact that it is injected rather than taken orally is partially the reason for the greater increase in appetite; it is easier for the body to absorb the drug.

There is a negative side effect to using Equipoise, which is the suppression of hormones. Many people, especially men, will need injections of testosterone as it will lead to other problems. This is one of many reasons why a person should be prescribed this steroid by a doctor; the doctor is then able to monitor their patient and ensure that all side effects noticed are held at bay.


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